Easy to Transport

Virco has easy-to-use hand trucks for moving Core-a-Gator tables. We also carry stackable, large-scale storage units for arenas, convention centers and related venues.



Up to 40% Lighter

Core-a-Gator's patented construction makes it up to 40% lighter than conventional wooden tables.


Simple to Store

Virco's table trucks work not only with traditional foldng tables, but also with the Core-a Gator line. Trucks are available for transporting and storing both rectangular and round tables.

The HRTT1 can hold up to seven round Core-a-Gator tables.

The HTT6 can hold up to twelve 72" or 96" rectangular Core-a-Gators, while our HTT8 accomodates up to twelve 96" rectangular models.

For larger storage needs, Virco offers other trucks which can hold from eleven to twenty-two Core-a-Gator tables, depending on the model.

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