Core-a-Gator® Specs

Description: Virco's Core-a-Gator® product line combines a patented top design with strong, tubular steel legs to give you durable, easy-to-use lightweight folding tables. 13 models are offered in a selection of round and rectangular sizes. Two of these models are also available with easily adjustable legs that enable a top height of 21" to 30" in one-inch increments. In addition, all Core-a-Gator tables can be ordered with an optional, writable smooth top surface.

Top Construction: Core-a-Gator tables feature a patented, three-piece 1-1/2" thick core construction having an ABS plastic top surface, bottom surface, and center section. The center section is shaped in a corrugated pattern with flat, circular pads on both sides that serve as bonding points for the top and bottom surfaces. A high-strength adhesive that's resistant to moisture and extreme temperatures is used to permanently bonded the three sections together.

The three-piece top core is reinforced with an 18 gauge, 1" x 2-13/16" extruded aluminum box channel frame positioned along each edge for added strength. Further reinforcement comes from four high-impact molded ABS corner protectors that are structurally bonded to the aluminum channels and the bottom of the table. An apron bumper affixed to each corner helps protect top surfaces during stacking and storage, while ABS molding attached to the table's perimeter functions as an edge protector.

The top core also incorporates eight 12 gauge aluminum reinforcing plates that are bonded to its bottom. Each plate serves as an attachment point for the table's leg assemblies.

Leg Assemblies: Core-a-Gator tables have four leg styles: a C-leg assembly for 18" wide tables; a wishbone-leg assembly for 24" wide, 30" wide and 36" wide tables; a straight- leg assembly for round tables; and a two-piece adjustable-leg assembly for selected models.

Wishbone-leg assemblies consist of a 1-1/8" diameter x 18 gauge horizontal top hinge tube, welded to two coped 1-1/4" diameter x 18 gauge steel vertical wishbone-style leg tubes. A 1-1/8" diameter x 18 gauge coped cross tube is welded to the leg tubes for extra support.

C-leg assemblies consist of a 1-1/4" diameter x 18 gauge horizontal top hinge tube, welded to two coped 1-1/4" diameter x 17 gauge steel vertical leg tubes. A 1-1/4" diameter x 18 gauge foot tube is welded to the bottom ends of the vertical tubes.

Straight-leg assemblies consist of three 1-1/2" diameter x 17 gauge steel tubes joined to form an upper hinge support, to which two vertical tubular steel legs are welded. Tables with straight-leg assemblies are fitted with injection-molded leg retention clips that hold folded legs in place.

Adjustable-leg assemblies consist of an upper sub-assembly having a 1-1/4" diameter x 19 gauge top hinge tube and two 1-1/8" diameter x 19 gauge leg tubes. The upper sub-assembly is attached to the table top with four 3/4" wide x 18 gauge zinc steel clamps having two 9/16" screws per clamp. A lower sub-assembly inserts into the upper sub-assembly and consists of two 1" diameter x 20 gauge steel leg tubes welded to a 1" diameter x 17 gauge steel foot tube. The leg tubes have eleven 3/16 x 7/16" adjustment holes for positioning the table's top height from 21" to 30" in one-inch increments. All leg assemblies are attached to table tops with multiple steel leg clamps. All legs are fitted with plastic glides.

Folding Mechanisms: Core-a-Gator tables have three folding mechanisms: a dual-link folding mechanism for 18" wide, 24" wide, 30" wide and 36" wide tables; a straight-leg folding mechanism for round tables; and an adjustable-leg folding mechanism for selected models.

The dual-link folding mechanism consists of four 8 gauge steel links, two of which are riveted to the leg, while the other two are riveted to a 13 gauge mounting bracket on the underside of the table top. The two pairs of links provide lateral support for the legs when the table is in use, and also allow the legs to fold into a closed position. In addition, the folding mechanism has an automatic positive locking rod that engages the two pairs of links when the table is upright and the legs are extended. The locking rod is a permanent part of the folding mechanism.

The straight-leg folding mechanism consists of a 1/2" diameter, V-shaped brace made from 17 gauge steel tube, and a steel locking latch having a spring-loaded clamp that captures and secures the V-shaped brace in a position to support the leg. The steel brace is retained by a 3/8" wide, 12 gauge steel bar that serves to automatically guide the brace in and out of the locking latch. Thanks to its folding mechanism, the straight-leg assembly is designed to automatically lock when the table is unfolded for use.

The adjustable-leg folding mechanism consists of two formed 10 gauge leg links, one 10 gauge lock arm, one 14 gauge steel pivot bracket, and one 20 gauge steel lock tube. The folding mechanism is attached to the upper leg frame with four 3/16" steel rivets, while the pivot bracket is attached to the top with six 5/8" screws. A lock tube slides freely over the leg link and lock arm to secure the legs when the table is in the open position.

Metal Finish: Metal surfaces are protected with an El Dorado Bronze powder coat paint finish.

Top Surface Colors: Core-a-Gator tables are offered with a standard stipple top surface that's available with either a Greystone or Oyster finish.

Optional Smooth Top Surface: Core-a-Gator tables are also available with an optional, writable smooth top surface that's offered in a Nebula finish.

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